Willi B. Wilde Presents: A Living Room Spectacular
Conceived, Curated, and Hosted by Mimi Barcomi
January 2017
Dixon Place
Drag personality Willi B. Wilde acts as emcee/hostess to a fresh lineup of artists for an unforgettable evening that is part talk show, part drag revue. Live performances are accompanied by a discussion about the artists and their work with hostess, art critic, and interviewer Willi. Featured guest artists include drag king Archie Liebling and pop star Dexter.

X-FILES: The Highly Classified Wholly Unauthorized Musical
Music & Lyrics by Dexter Driscoll
October/November 2016
Shoot the Lobster Gallery, The Club @ La Mama
FBI agents and paranormal investigators Scully & Mulder encounter a bizarre piece of alien technology that has the power to alter life as we know it... past, present, and future. Strange truths are revealed in a race against time to save one man's life and the world itself... A delightfully spooky musical adventure with songs by Dexter Driscoll and an original script by Mimi Barcomi.

The Topography Between (a New York radio love song)
Written by Zachary Miceli
August 2016
New York International Fringe Festival
In a play world set in the New York unconscious to a live R&B band, Rodney and Callisto yearn for each other from across vast urban topographical divides. They are lovers; one is waiting for an HIV test in a city clinic and one, inside the walls of a central bookings jail cell, is waiting to see a judge. As they inhabit these anticipatory institutional spaces, each comes into contact with mysterious strangers who constantly seem to be poised on the brink of revelation.

3SISTERS, OR: If we Could Only Get to Greenwich Village
July 2016
HOT! Festival, Dixon Place
3SISTERS, Or: If We Could Only Get to Greenwich Village is what would have happened if Anton Chekhov wrote his plays at a gay bar. A humorous theatrical mélange utilizing Chekhov’s play Three Sisters and original writing to explore the familial bonds created by queers, 3SISTERS is a short comedic piece about three sisters/queens: Olga, the 33 year old washed up old slut, Masha, a 23 year old wannabe slut trapped in a stifling marriage, and Irina, jailbait princess. Sexual secrets are uncovered and tempers spark as the sisters explore love, sex, and their yearning to return to Greenwich Village.

Eco-Poets: Enviro Slammin’
Production Stage Manager/Digital Media & Sound Design
Directed by Cecilia Rubino
May 2016
New Victory Theater LabWorks

If We Don’t Get It, Shut It Down: A Play About the Baltimore Uprising
Production Stage Manager/Digital Media Design
Directed by Morgan Stevenson
April 2016
Harlem Repertory Theater
If We Don't Get It, Shut It Down is an original documentary theater play about the events that transpired during the Baltimore Uprising in the April of 2015. This play contains the narratives of the black youth of Baltimore as they continue to the fight against state approved violence against Black and Brown people.

A Living Room Spectacular
Conceived, Produced, and Curated by Mimi Barcomi
February 2016
We are the artistic cockroaches of the city, and we will thrive under any circumstances as long as we are making art! Therefore, it's time to celebrate all frills/no budget art pour l'art in a good old fashioned bohemian spectacular! Join us on the evening of February 6th for a theatrical extravaganza of astounding performances, contained in a Brooklyn angel's Bensonhurst living room.

U-Haul to the Moon
Written by Seth Majnoon 
September 2015
Manhattan Repertory Theater
Two futuristic space explorers crash land on the moon. As they explore both the lunar topography and their own emotional landscape, they discover ancient remnants of another pair of moonwalkers whose presences linger and whose history mirrors their own: Ruby and June, founders of a lesbian separatist moon colony.